A Review of Preloved’s Marketplace

Buying and selling used items are becoming more popular as people want to save money and upcycle old products. Preloved UK is one of the most popular sites to find quality second-hand items. 

Before posting your incredible items for sale or searching for something to buy, it’s always wise to understand how a website works. We’re here to make your experience with the Preloved Marketplace enjoyable and straightforward.  


How Does Preloved Work?

Preloved is like any other second-hand store, but it operates online. You can find anything from preloved pets to classic art artwork with a simple search. 

Preloved’s popularity comes from its quality and the simplicity of searching for and selling products from your phone. You can handle the sales in the comfort of your own home or while waiting in line at the coffee shop. 

The Preloved marketplace saves you time, helps earn you money, and ensures quality sales. People all over the United Kingdom are enjoying the simplicity of buying and selling products online with Preloved, and you can join them.

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Selling on Preloved

Selling on preloved is very straightforward. You can sign up for a free personal account to get started and then upgrade to one of the available membership plans (we’ll talk about those later). 

When you’re preparing your adverts and listings, keep the following things in mind to draw in numerous clients.

  • Include clear, quality photos of your product. Make sure to take the picture with good lighting and from various angles.
  • Include detailed descriptions and be upfront about any imperfections the product may have. You want satisfied customers for repeated quick sales.
  • Set a reasonable price. If possible, do some research beforehand to figure out the prices of similar second-hand items on Preloved. You may drive people away with a high price, while a low number won’t give you the deserved money for your article.
  • Respond as quickly as possible to interested clients. With the paid membership plans, you can respond immediately, which gives you an excellent reputation as a seller. 

Sign up for one of the following plans to get started selling your products quickly and effortlessly.


Types of Memberships Available

The best part of Preloved is affordable member plans. Sellers can choose from three primary programs to sell their products personally or opt for a business plan. 

Each of the programs is low-cost, with no contracts or hidden fees to give you an easy way to sell your items. 


Free Plan

The first program is entirely free and gives you the option to place unlimited ads and talk with the community. 

While the free option saves you money, it doesn’t give you access to all the available perks of selling on Preloved. For example, you will not be able to respond immediately to interested buyers or include unlimited photos, YouTube videos, and links in your listings. 

The free plan would be ideal for people just wanting to sell a few products or who don’t mind the selling process taking a bit longer.

Full Plan

However, including numerous photos to your adverts is imperative to finding serious buyers. People want to see the product from various angles and understand the quality and condition of the item. 

The Preloved Full plan allows you to include as many images as possible and talk immediately with potential clients. The cost for these added perks is only £5 each year, which is an incredible bargain for quality selling features.

Premium Plan

The highest program for personal sellers is the Premium Plan, which only costs £15 a year. You will have access to all of the perks included in the lower packages plus some exclusive advantages for this low cost. 

This plan lets you browse without any banner ads and have priority placement for your listings. Additionally, you will be able to include links in your posts and embed videos for even more trust from your clients.  

Business Plan

If you are selling for a business, you need all the perks found in the personal plans and more. The basic Business Plan costs £20 a month, taxes not included. 

By signing up for the Business Plan, you can include unlimited pictures, a link to your business website, and create video ads. While you will not be able to list infinite product listings, you will have preferential advertising rates. 

You can try out this plan for free for 30 days without any added costs or contracts.

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Business Unlimited Plan

If you don’t want any limits on the number of items you can sell at one time, the Business Unlimited Plan is just what you need.

At only £45 a month plus VAT, you can create the sales plan that your business needs. Post as many listings as you want and import bulk adverts automatically. This plan is specifically for businesses that want to push their products at an impressive rate.

Campaign Advertising

In addition to the inclusive Preloved business plans, you can invest in campaign advertising on the marketplace.

Create video, banner, text, or image ads for various places on Preloved to reach many more potential customers. You can also test your target demographic to attract your preferred customer.

No matter which method you decide to advertise your items, you can set the budget to make advertising affordable.


Preloved has an incredible offer for charities looking to sell donated products and raise money for those in need. 

Since they are already working so hard for other people or our furry friends, Preloved wants to help make the selling process easy for their organization. 

Preloved offers free ad plans for charities needing to sell their products. If you are part of a charity, sign up your organization with Preloved to take advantage of the available benefits.

Preloved Marketplace

Buying on Preloved

Buying second-hand items on Preloved is just as simple as selling. Create an account within a few minutes, then go to the Preloved login and search for excellent products. 

When choosing which items to buy, it is vital to product yourself. Preloved does not handle payments, so make sure you don’t pay for a falsely-advertised product. Here are some tips to make your buying experience on Preloved as enjoyable as possible.

  • Try to always make a payment in person when receiving the item. This way, you can be confident that you are getting your money’s worth.
  • If you can’t pay in person, choose a payment method like PayPal that can refund your money if the transaction falls through.
  • Choose which things to buy wisely. Ask plenty of questions to make sure you are dealing with trustworthy sellers.
  • Do your research about the price of the item you want to buy. Compare other sellers’ listings to make sure the seller is not overcharging.
  • If you are looking for an antique, ask pointed questions to ensure you are buying a genuine antique product. You don’t want to pay extra money for a generic item.

How Does Preloved Make Money?

Preloved prides itself on offering an affordable service for its buyers and sellers. There are no hidden fees, and they take zero commission for sales. The company only makes money from the paid personal and business plans that they offer. 

Rest assured that you will not find surprising charges or fees. 

Enjoy the Preloved Marketplace

Join the community today and start buying and selling beautiful second-hand products. If you have any more questions about how the marketplace works, read some of the No Strings Attached blogs


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